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Miami White-Collar Attorney


Miami White-Collar Attorney

White-collar crime is surprisingly common. The FBI deals with hundreds of cases each year, and Florida is a hot spot for these crimes. It’s estimated that for every 10,000 people in Miami, there are more than 4,200 white-collar crimes committed.

In a city like Miami and a state like Florida, serious crimes like murder, assault, and robberies get most of the press coverage. But white-collar crimes are more common, and in most cases, affect more people than these violent crimes. White-collar crimes can affect the financial wellbeing and character of entire groups of people.

If you’ve been convicted of a white-collar crime, you will be relentlessly pursued and investigated by local, state, and federal groups. In times like these, you need competent and aggressive representation. The Kirlew Law Firm can help protect your rights and defend you in court.

What is White-Collar Crime?

White Collar crimes generally refer to non-violent offenses that are committed for financial gain. These offenses can often become complicated matters involving mountains of documents and evidence. An arrest or conviction of a white-collar crime can also lead to swift and overwhelming consequences, including seizure of bank accounts, forfeiture of your home, and the stripping of professional licenses/accreditation. Most importantly, the conviction of white-collar crimes usually involved lengthy prison sentences.

The government vigorously prosecutes individuals suspected of white-collar crimes and often utilizes the FBI, IRS, and Secret Service in their investigations. Many local police departments The government vigorously prosecutes individuals suspected of white-collar crimes and often utilizes the FBI, IRS, and Secret Service in their investigations. Many local police departments also have grant money from the federal government to identify and investigate white-collar criminal activity. Investigating, arresting, and seizing the assets of professionals and entrepreneurs are big business for the government. They are relentless in their efforts, and you need to be protected with an experienced Miami white-collar crime attorney.

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In addition to State White Collar crime, we also represent clients charged with Federal White Collar crimes,

which are regulated by Titles 18 and 26 of the United States Code. Some of these federal offenses include:

How are White Collar Crimes Investigated?

In almost every federal white-collar criminal investigation, the federal agents and local police officers involved in the case shadow their suspects for months and even years. They utilize wiretaps, subpoenaed bank records, videotape conversations and meetings, property and assets, business records, and cooperating witnesses. The agents often seek to make pre-indictment deals with codefendants or coworkers who they threaten to charge if they don’t talk.

The feds have unlimited resources and they are extremely patient in their investigations. Many times, an agent will get so committed to an investigation that they bend the rules, alleged they witnessed activity that they didn’t and innocent people get wrapped up in the conspiracy that they knew nothing about. This is why it is critical to contact a Miami white-collar attorney the moment you suspect you are the target of a white-collar criminal investigation. With the help of our investigators and forensic accountants, we can often mitigate the exposure a client may face in a white collar criminal prosecution.


How White Collar Crime in Miami is Punished

Generally, white-collar crime is investigated and prosecuted by federal authorities. This means that white-collar crime cases have higher conviction rates than other crimes. Federal prosecutors are able to leverage more resources to pursue a white-collar crime case and are encouraged to close the case quickly.

The punishment for a white-collar crime varies based on what level the crime is being prosecuted at, whether state or federal, and the amount of money involved in the crime. There are no set guidelines that dictate the severity of penalty based on the amount of money stolen; however, generally, larger amounts are punished more severely.

Since the 2002 and 2008 financial crises, there have been more penalties and convictions for white-collar crimes, and as such, penalties have become more severe. On average, a sentence for money laundering is about 48 months in prison. Those convicted of bribery could face 16 months, and those for fraud, 12 months. Tax offenses generally result in 16 months of jail time. And if there are more than five victims, the loss amount is in the millions as opposed to the thousands or the accused qualifies for a host of other enhancements, these penalties can be significantly higher.

When You Should Hire an Attorney When Convicted of a White Collar Crime?

Given the harsh nature of the penalties for white-collar crimes and that federal authorities often lead these investigations, you must hire an attorney in Miami as soon as you’re convicted. In some cases, defendants are only aware of the investigation just a few weeks or months before an arrest is made. It’s important to use any lead time you may have to build a case with an attorney.

While your attorney can’t stop an investigation, they can work with you to defend your rights before, during, and after the trial. If nothing else, you must have a legal representative with you whenever you deal with a federal investigator or while you’re being questioned.

Why You Need a Competent Attorney

When you work with a skilled criminal defense attorney like those at the Kirlew Law Firm, they’ll maintain clear lines of communication with the prosecution throughout your investigation. This could lead to a favorable negotiation before any arrests are made, or the formal prosecution starts.

More than just negotiations, a competent white-collar crime attorney can help draft legal defenses that can help your case. Our attorneys can cross-examine witnesses, manage information about the case, and challenge physical exhibits and financial records that may be used to seal your case. Ultimately, a talented attorney like Brian Kirlew can find small inconsistencies or faults in the prosecution to bolster your defense.

Contact a Miami White Collar Criminal Attorney today!

If you are being investigated for a White Collar crime at the state or federal level (or both), the sooner you get a qualified attorney on your side to protect your rights, the better. Brian Kirlew, Esq. is experienced and skilled at handling these complex and sensitive matters, and is here to represent you in court. Our criminal defense attorneys in Miami are proud to offer you a free consultation to ensure that we can best serve you. Contact us immediately to get started.