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Understanding White-Collar Crime

Are you or someone you know under investigation for a white-collar crime? We understand how terrifying it must be for your freedom, livelihood, and reputation. Even the suspicion of being guilty can have its ramifications moving forward. Moreover, you could end up with severe charges without even realizing that you committed an offense.

White-collar criminal investigations shouldn’t be taken lightly. Law enforcement will spend enormous amounts of time compiling evidence and putting together a strong case. These investigations can last years. The sooner you get legal assistance, the better your chances of mitigating your exposure, fighting back against the charges, and even avoiding charges altogether.


White-collar crime is sometimes called corporate crime. Seasoned investigators and prosecutors handle them. These cases are incredibly complicated to prove and pretty expensive to defend. These are nonviolent offenses committed by those in positions of power using deception, fraud, or the misrepresentation resulting in illegal financial gains. Multi-million-dollar firms, small businesses, and individuals may find themselves subject to a federal investigation and indictment. Usually, these cases are indicted at the federal level by a grand jury and prosecuted by the Department of Justice. However, white-collar crimes are charged at the state level as well.

Different types of law violations may be categorized under white-collar crimes. However, a majority may be associated with business and financial misconduct, including:

  • Bribery
  • Credit card fraud
  • Extortion
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Misappropriation
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Security frauds
  • Tax invasion, and more.

The FBI, Secret Service, SEC, local and state law enforcement departments investigate white-collar crimes.


Defending yourself against criminal charges from a white-collar investigation is different from other violations. If charged in federal court, these cases are complicated with mountains of documents, exhibits, and usually several witnesses. There are instances where federal and state charges may overlap and increase a person’s exposure to additional years in prison. A person can be charged in both state and federal court for the same criminal conduct. These proceedings are overwhelming, and you may incur hefty fines and damage your reputation. It’s imperative to hire an attorney who’s familiar with the procedures, rules, and laws that govern white-collar-criminal investigation.

The first thing that federal prosecutors do after someone is arrested is to freeze their bank accounts and assets and seek forfeiture of their property. Once this is done, a person under indictment cannot access their assets to defend themselves in court. That’s why it’s important to get counsel before you are ever formally charged or arrested. In the future, even if the charges are dropped, or you win at trial, the government may not release your money and still seek to forfeit your assets. Such laws were initially put in place to make it difficult for trafficking suspects to hide their wealth. But these are now utilized in white-collar crime investigations and prosecutions.

An effective Miami white-collar defense attorney will be able to successfully guide you out of the lengthy, expensive, and stressful process that these investigations and prosecutions become. At Kirlew Law Firm, we understand the laws, procedures, and tactics used by the government. We try to protect you from being left at an unfair disadvantage to feds. We ensure our clients are treated fairly throughout the process. We give our best effort to preserve your reputation from overzealous prosecution

Whether you hire us or someone else, we also advocate for retaining a respectable and skilled attorney. This shouldn’t be a decision that is made on who is cheaper, but instead on who is better equipped to defend you against these charges. Depending on the details of your case, investigations may take months or even years. But you must remember that even though you may be accused of committing a crime, it doesn’t mean the prosecution can prove your guilt. You may be able to secure a dismissal of the charges or an acquittal at trial.


Criminal accusations leave a devastating impact on one’s life. Regardless of the type of offense you’re accused of, qualified attorneys at Miami’s preeminent litigation firm – Kirlew Law Firm – have years of experience taking on these charges and obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients.

Our compelling defense strategies and aggressive tactics have earned us a well-regarded reputation. We have a proven track record.

We’re ready to represent you and defend you against any white-collar criminal charges.

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