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No one really likes to think about hiring a family lawyer. After all, family law cases are highly charged, whether it’s from divorce, child custody, or even something like agreeing to a pre- or post-nuptial. But working with a trusted professional, like the Kirlew Law Firm team, can help to take some of the emotional energy out of these affairs. Thanks to their breadth of knowledge, collected demeanor, and professional skills, working with a family law attorney is always in your best interest. When you’re in need of an experienced, and caring family law attorney in Miami, your first call should be to Heidi S. Kirlew and her team.

Heidi S. Kirlew - Miami’s Go-To for Family Law Cases

Responsible for the intake and processing of all legal pleadings and filings in family law, civil litigation, real estate, and business transaction cases, Kirlew leverages her experience and skill to best help families in Miami.

Brian Kirlew - Experienced Family Attorney

As a lawyer skilled in the fields of both family and criminal law, Brian Kirlew is a fearless advocate for his clients. Working carefully with his clients and his team, Kirlew has represented and defended clients in countless cases. Thanks to his years in civil litigation and family law, he’s uniquely qualified to navigate clients through the complexities of divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, and other complicated family matters. Kirlew is better suited to deal with the issues that arrive in civil and family court cases than other Miami lawyers who lack his litigation and trial experience.

Heidi S. Kirlew
Brian Kirlew

Specializing in Alimony, Child Support, and More

Family law cases are the most emotionally charged and mentally trying legal proceedings that anyone can endure. When individuals and families find themselves in these contentious situations, they need an experienced and compassionate advocate at their side. The Kirlew Law Firm strives to provide that necessary voice, and sometimes even the strength, to help our clients get through a difficult time. We believe in focused aggression and keeping a cool head when cases get difficult and contentious.

Our Firm has a strong background and vast experience in business, criminal, real estate law, and many other areas of the law that often intersect with family law matters. It is very common for a person to be going through a family law case and have a companion criminal case, a joint business, or affected property. It’s important that your lawyer understands these issues and how to prepare.

Our family law attorneys provide practical legal advice and effective representation throughout Miami and the greater South Florida region. We try to help clients move on from this trying time in their lives and always put their children first.

When to Get a Family Attorney

The process of hiring a family law attorney can be stressful, and these heightened emotions are only exaggerated by the situation you might have found yourself in. For this reason, and many more, some people try and resolve their legal issues with their families on their own. This might seem to be the best way to maintain the family’s goodwill and integrity, but more often than not, this can needlessly complicate an already confusing experience.

Negotiating in a family or a marriage can be challenging, but when you work with a trusted attorney, these processes become clearer, and the best interests of every part involved are maintained. Investing in the legal counsel of a family attorney is a great way to minimize headaches and heartache. A family law attorney offers you the steady guidance you need when you’re making life-changing decisions. There are a few moments, in particular, where it is beneficial to have a family law attorney on your side:

  • Marriages and divorces
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Separations
  • Child custody and abuse cases
  • Alimony and child support
  • Property settlements
  • Adoptions

Managing a family legal matter on your own is difficult at best, impossible at worst, and without the proper guidance, it could leave you with nothing. By partnering with the family law professionals at the Kirlew Law Firm, you’ll have every benefit of working with a team that understands the complexities of Florida family law. 

Why You Need a Family Lawyer in Miami

You can trust your attorney to help navigate you through the court system and ensure that justice is served fairly. By utilizing their skill and talent, in addition to the relationships they’ve built with prosecutors, they can establish deals that work best for everyone involved in the case.

As experienced civil litigators and family attorneys, the Kirlew Law Firm has what it takes to get the most favorable results for you. Heidi Kirlew is a trusted family lawyer, working on a variety of cases and fields to refine her skills and knowledge. You can trust Kirlew to examine your case in a new light, finding elements that can put you in a better position come your day in court. Finding yourself in need of legal counsel might be new to you, but our team is familiar with cases just like yours. Together, we’ll walk through the court system, gather evidence and demands, and produce the best strategies to represent you in court.

Even if your family law case is changing how you define your family, maintaining these relationships is crucial for legal purposes. Thanks to her tempered negotiation skills, Kirlew can skillfully represent you and your interests in courts without causing further strife and division.

It would be best if you had a family attorney dedicated to your success and is willing to go the extra mile to develop a winning legal strategy. Especially in emotionally charged family law cases, it’s important to have a trusted counsel who can bear some of this stress for you. Working with a family law attorney saves you time, money, and emotional energy.

Take Advantage of Our Knowledge

No one knows your family better than you do, but that doesn’t always mean you know the best way to handle its legal issues and concerns. If you find yourself in a tense legal case with another family member, it’s always a good idea to have a knowledgeable team backing you. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of working with a family law attorney is the vast knowledge of law they have. This ensures that you have every advantage in your case. More than just legal knowledge, experienced family legal teams like Kirlew Law have a network of resources and connections that can help you get satisfactory results at the end of your case.

Follow Procedures for the Best Results

Every state has its own set of proceedings, laws, and rules surrounding families and family law, and Florida is no different. Even for those who have a sense of Florida’s legal procedures, the unique nature of family law in the state can make it difficult to represent yourself successfully. By working with a family law attorney, you’re ensuring that these procedures follow the letter. This can accelerate the progress of your case and ensure that it does not get thrown out of court. Your attorney will help you organize your case, your materials, and your outcomes to take care of you and your family.

Fully Understand the Outcomes

There’s uncertainty behind every legal proceeding, but when it comes to family law, the outcomes of the case are not always obvious. Working with a qualified family law attorney ensures that you understand your particular case’s possible outcomes and their ramifications and consequences. This understanding can help you decide how to best prepare or react to the court’s decisions.

Keep the Monetary Elements In Mind

For most, concluding a family legal case is the start of the emotional healing process. While this is the ultimate goal for many, there are still monetary realities to consider when dealing with family law matters. In cases like child support, alimony, and divorce, money can be a central issue, and it’s important to keep that as the key focus in most circumstances.

Maintain Case Timelines

Experienced family law attorneys recognize that different types of cases have different timelines to work within. Cases like divorce move along at a different schedule than something like child custody or adoption. Your attorney can set expectations for you as to what needs to occur when in order to move your case along properly.

Lower the Stakes

While the state of Florida allows for self-representation, in high-stakes family law cases, this is a recipe for disaster. Most court and family law cases involve contentious issues, intense negotiations, and delicate outcomes. Without proper legal representation, you’re likely to lose your day in court.

An experienced family lawyer can help improve your odds and can help you advocate for your rights and needs.

Get Objective Guidance in Emotional Times

Especially in family law cases, it’s easy to be “too close” to the case to adequately represent yourself. Your emotional investment in the outcome and the others involved in the case may blind you to important details, major pitfalls, and alternative outcomes. Rather than trying to complete the research necessary to build your case, a family law attorney can bear this burden and complete the work needed.

Not only is a family attorney a source of legal counsel, but they are also a source of emotional comfort. Thanks to their experience in this field, the Kirlew Law Firm can connect you with resources that make this time easier for you and your family. In moments when it feels like your life is falling apart, a family law attorney can help you piece it back together again.

Ultimately, a skilled family law attorney like Kirlew can help you see through the emotions of the case and help you fully understand your options, outcomes, and processes. In some cases, this can help you pivot and make new legal decisions, and in other cases, can eliminate the need for a legal proceeding at all.

Our Areas of Specialty in Family Law

Of all of the fields of law, family law is undoubtedly the most sensitive. Since it involves loved ones, former loved ones, and closely connected individuals, these cases pit people who have a shared relationship against one another. Personal details will be aired and used to advance or defend a case, leaving individuals feeling more vulnerable than they’d like.

The Kirlew Law Firm is dedicated to representing our clients with respect, integrity, and care, ensuring that the family law process is as pain-free as possible. That’s why we specialize in various areas of family law to best support you and your loved ones. When you work with our legal team, you can rest easy knowing that we’re handling most of the heavy lifting, guiding you through the legal process, and helping you process the results

Experienced Family Attorney

Because of our experience, our commitment, and our results, we offer the best representation for family law cases in Miami. You can count on the full service of the Kirlew Law Firm to understand the legal issues in your case and be prepared to win. Our Firm has vast experience preparing and litigating complex family law cases. We strive to ensure that not only are our client’s rights protected but that they have an in-depth understanding of their case and know their options. Our clients are the most important part of the team and their input is critical in deciding how a case will be prepared. That is why we regularly schedule in-house meetings and phone conferences with our clients to discuss all the pending matters in their case(s) and the strategy necessary to achieve their desired outcome.

If you need representation for a family law case in Miami, contact the Kirlew Law team today.

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Hiring a capable family law attorney helps to even the odds in your case, offers you the assistance you need in these high-risk, high stake cases, and can help you ease tensions between the parties involved. At Kirlew Law Firm, our first priority is the comfort, safety, and confidence of you and your family. We will work hard to offer you every advantage possible during the course of your case and will use our collaborative approach to get you the best results.

Heidi Kirlew is here to represent you. Build a strong case today and get started by contacting us. We’ll set up a free phone consultation to get to know you and your circumstances.