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Child support is mandatory in Florida. It is court ordered and based upon Florida law. Whether the parents were married or not, child support is mandatory and required. A party cannot avoid paying child support even if they claim to be unemployed or disable. The amount of child support awarded is based upon the income of the parents. The amount of overnights that the child spends with each parent, the disparity in income and other factors are considered when determines how much child support is to be ordered.

At the Kirlew Law Firm, we assist our clients in child support related cases. Child support is often ordered as a part of a divorce or a child custody & visitation case (often referred to as a paternity action). Child support can also be awarded without the parties ever filing for a divorce or child custody & visitation case.

Our Firm helps parents on both sides of Child Support cases

Whether you are the primary custodial parent or not, our Firm will represent you in child support matters. We will help you make sense of the convoluted child support guidelines and statutes. We will calculate exactly how much child support is due each month

Frequently asked question in Child Support cases

  • Who is responsible for paying for health and dental insurance?
  • Who will pay for day care or after care?
  • Is private school tuition included in child support?
  • Can child support help with expenses from extracurricular activities?
  • Can I reduce my child support obligation?
  • Can I get child support if I was in a same sex relationship?
  • Who will pay for the college fund?
  • Can my ex get my driver licenses suspended?

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